Princess Marie Antonie of Koháry, the heiress that became a princess

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This Blog is about Princess Maria Antonia of Koháry and her family.
This is a very interesting story because she is related to many kings and queens and founder of new family branche.
And she is also a relative of members of empress Elisabeth's "Sisi's" family.
Read on and you will learn more about this woman and to whom and why they were related.

On the 2nd of July in 1797 Countess Maria Antonia Gabriele Koháry de Csábrág et Szitnya, was born in Buda - Hungary.

Her father was Count Ferenc Josef Koháry and her mother Antonia, countess of Waldstein zu Wartenberg.
She had one older brother, Franz, but he died very young at the age of 5.
This left Maria Antonia as the heiress of the Koháry family.
They owned 150.000 hectares of land, forest, estates throughout Hungary, Austria and Slovakia.

Kohary Family Chrest

Koháry Family Chrest

In 1815 Countess Maria Antonia was engaged to Prince Ferdinand George August of Saxe-Coburg.
Ferdinand was a military man and in 1802 he started serving in the Austrian army and became a general.
His family was active in almost every European country, and even beyond.
Because the Kohary's where one of the most wealthiest families the emperor of Austria raised Count Ferenc Joseph Koháry's family to a Principality, which made Maria Antonia a Princess, and her father Prince Koháry of Csábrág and Szitnya in Austria's nobility on 15 November 1815, 
This was suited for Ferdinand and his status, so they could marry.

Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-coburg was born on the 28th of March 1785 as second son of Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Countess Augusta Caroline Sophie of Reuss-Ebersdorf.

Ferdinand was uncle of well known royals.
His older brother was Ernest of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the father of prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria)
His sister Marie Louise, married Prince Edward of Kent and they became parents of Queen Victoria.

And his younger brother Leopold married with princess Charlotte of England, but unfortunately she died. 
Leopold later remarried Louise of Orléans.
Leopold became the first king of the Belgians and their children were Empress Charlotte of Mexico (Married to Archduke Maximilian, younger brother of Emperor Franz-Joseph, whom became emperor of Mexico) and King Leopold the 2nd of the Belgians.

Coat of arms of 

the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Saalfeld


After the death of her Father in 1826, Princess Maria Antonia inherited real estate, factories, mines in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.
Also the Koháry palais in Vienna on the brown bastion, which was rebuild to the Coburg Palais between 1843 and 1847.
Here the family lived and this is now a beautiful hotel in Vienna.

They also had houses in Budapest and Ebenthal in lower-Austria.
And she also inherited 20 million Francs from her father.
Making their families one of Europes richest families.

With the marriage of Ferdinand and Maria Antonia they also created their own family branch.
Because Ferdinand was of the Saxe-Coburg family and Maria Antonia of the Koháry family, they created the Saxe-Coburg-Koháry branch.
This family branch is also head of a lot of countries.
Ferdinand and Maria Antonia became parents of four children:
Prince Ferdinand, Prince august, Princess Victoria and Prince Leopold.

Coat of arms of the

Saxe-Coburg-Koháry family 

Their first child is Prince Ferdinand, born on the 29th of October 1816.
2 years later Prince August was born on the 13th of June 1818.
4 years later Maria Antonia gave birth to a daughter, princess Victoria, on the 14th of February 1822.
And as the youngest Prince Leopold was born in 1824.
All born in Vienna, and through marriage they given the family another enrichment.

The Children Ferdinand, August and Victoria

The eldest son of the couple, Prince Ferdinand, married to Queen Maria II of Portugal.
With the birth of the first heir son, by law of the Portuguese court, Ferdinand became King Ferdinand II of Portugal.
The couple had 11 children, two of them became king of Portugal,
One of his daughters, Infanta Maria Ana married to king George of Saxony and got a daughter Maria Josepha, whom married Archduke Otto of Austria and became mother of Emperor Charles I of Austria. 
Which makes Maria Antonia great-grandmother of the last emperor of Austria!

The second child of the couple is Prince August.
He married Princess Clémentine of Orleans in 1843.
She was the daughter of King Louis Phillipe, the last King of France. 

They lived in the Coburg palais in Vienna.
Their firstborn son was Ferdinand Phillipe, was a close friend of Crownprince Rudolf of Austria, He married Louise the sister of Crownprincess Stephanie, so they were brother-in-laws as wel and was also the one that, together with count Hoyos and the servant Loschek, found the body of Crownprince Rudolf and Mary Vetsera in Mayerling in 1889.

The second child of August and Clémentine is Prince Ludwig August.
Ludwig August married Leopoldina, the daughter of the Brazillian Emperor.

August and Clémentine had their first daughter.
Clotilde married to Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria.
One of her children married to the son of Helene in bayern, sisi's sister, and Maximilian of Thurn und Taxis.
And their son Joseph married to Augusta Maria, the daughter of Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Archduchess Gisela, Sisi's daughter.


The second daughter of August and Clémentine is Amalie. She was supossed to get married to Prince Leopold of Bavaria. But Duke Maximilian in Bavaria, youngest brother of empress Elisabeth fell in love with her.  She arranged a marriage between Prince Leopold of Bavaria with her daughter Gisela, because she knew his parents couldn't say no to a daughter of the emperor and empress of Austria. which made way for her brother to marry the love of his life, Princess Amalie.

The last son of August and Clémentine is Ferdinand.
His godparents were Archduke/Emperor Maximilian and his wife Charlotte. 
Ferdinand became Tsar of Bulgaria making the house of Saxe-Coburg-Koháry into a royal dynasty.
He married Princess Marie-Louise of Bourbon-Parma.
She was half-sister of the last empress of Austria, Zita.

Prince August

Amalie and her sister Clotilde


The Children of Prince August and Princess Clémentine from left to right: Princess Amelie and her husband Duke Max in Bayern, Prince Ludwig August (widower of princess Leopoldina of Brasil), Prince Ferdinand (future -Tsar of Bulgaria), Princess Clothilde and her husband Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria, Prince Phillip and his wife Princess Louise of Belgium.

The only daughter of Princess Maria Antonia and Prince Ferdinand is Victoria, born on the 14th of February 1822.
On the 27th of Apri 1840l she married Prince Louis of Orleans, Duke of Nemours.
He was the son of the last king of France, Louis Phillipe.
His sister, Clémentine was married to his wife brother August.
They had 4 children: Gaston, Ferdinand, Marguerite and Blanche.
After the French revolution of 1848 they lived in exile in England. 

2 weeks after the birth of their last child Blanche Victoria died.

Victoria and her son Gaston and Ferdinand

Gaston is the first born son, 28th of April 1842.
He was also the one who went to Brasil with his nephew Ludwig August to marry the daughters of emperor Pedro II of Brasil.
Ludwig August married Leopoldina and Gaston married Isabel.


The Second son of Victoria and Louis is someone we know as a brother-in-law of Sisi.
Ferdinand was born 12th of July 1844 and in 1868 he got married to Sophie Charlotte in Bavaria, the youngest sister of Empress Elisabeth.
His grandmother Maria Antonia was passed away in 1862 so she didn't witness this, but after his marriage he and his 3 siblings inherited a total of a million francs just from their share of their late grandmother's estate 


Marguerite was born 16th February in 1846.
She married in 1872 with the 30 year older polish noble man Prince Władysław Czartoryski and got 2 children with him.

The emperor of Brasil with his son-inlaws Gaston and Ludwig August

Ferdinand and Sophie-Charlotte

So as you can see, the new branch of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Koháry Ferdinand and Maria Antonia created was all over Europe and even across the ocean in Brasil!
and in many ways her relatives also married in sisi's family.
Maria Antonia's great-grandson Joseph even married Sisi's Granddaughter Augusta.

I hope you liked this blog.
See you soon on a new one.

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