Sightseeing - Your sisi journey

The empress has traveled alot and visited many places where she left an eternal footprint.

Some of these places she blessed with a visit even made statues of her to always remember that the beautiful empress visited the place.

Also alot of museums and exhibitions have been all over europe.

Even her close friend Ida Ferenczy, who inherrited alot of Sisi after her death, started a museum dedicated to her grand lady Elisabeth in Budapest in 1899. The Queen Elisabeth memorial museum.

She exposed alot of her dresses and other personal items of the empress. It opened in the Ofener Burg in 1908. Unfortunatly at the end of the second world war the building got destroyed by air bombings, which ruined the collection and all was lost. But before that happend there have been made some fotos for a hungarian news paper.

When you wanna plan a vacation and visit those places?

Lets have a look where you can do some Sisi sightseeing!

Click on the countries below to see where you can walk in Sisi's footsteps.

Or have a drink with your friends like she did back then. 😉

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