Frauenmauerhöle - Tragöss- Eisenerz


The Frauenmauerhöhle is a 640 metre long passage leading through the whole mountain called Frauenmauer.

It is in the province Styria between the cities Leoben and Brück/Mürzzuschlag.

There are more entrances. The west entrance is at Eisenerz and the eastern entrance is at Tragöß.

The cave has several rooms and passages on both sides, one of the most interesting is the ice chamber just a view steps from the west entrance lefthand side.

Altough this cave is not really difficult, it is very dangerous to get lost without light inside a cave, and so several accidents happend that even let to the death of some people.

There are now several tours which you can do here.

What has this place to do with Empress Elisabeth?

She visited the Frauenmauerhöhle with her daughter archduchess Marie-Valerie on the 14th of September in 1885.

In honour of her visit there has been a sign placed in the cave.

Tragöß area

Grüner See

When visiting the Frauenmauerhöhle you can combine it with a visit to the beautiful grüner see, a lake near the eastern entrance of the cave in tragöß.

This is a unique lake with emerald green water. The hight of the water depends on how much snow there has been in the winter cause thats what keeps this lake alive, melted snow water.

Some summers the lake is almost empty when there has been less snow in the winter.

There is also a "Gasthof" at the lake where you can eat and take a rest after the walk.

Also diving posibilities and in summer there are music events.

But it's always a beautiful spot to visit for a nice walk or other activities.

I have visited this lake 15 years ago, and i loved it as you can see me enjoying the sights on this rock in the lake.


This is a mountain.

In the summer you can make beautiful walks.

This mountain can be seen from the Grüner See. 

But also from the village Tragöss-Oberort you can see the eye of the Messnerin.

There are alot more walking routes here.

For example to the Sonnschienalm.

And also take a rest at the Jassinghütte

Eisenerz area

Eisenerz is a very old mining town.

The ciry itself is good for a cultural walk.

The church has been build in the 13th century by Rudolf of Habsburg(1218-1291) which has a gothic medieval look.

The next picture you can see this st. Oswald church with the iron mining erzmountain in the back.

You can also make a adventure by climbing on the Kaiser Franz Joseph Stiege.

the route has been named after the emperor because he himself took this route more van 100 years ago hunting on chamois.

When he visited this area to hunt he also had his own "Jagdschloss" ,a castle, where he stayed.

Jagdschloss Kammerhof

The Kammerhof has been bought by emperor Franz Joseph in 1879.

His residence while hunting in this area, which was rich of Chamois and other animals.

The last family owning this were the children of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie hohenberg until 1986

The Kammerhof now is a museum of the city Eisenerz and owned by the city.

The adress of the museum is: 8790 Eisenerz, Schulstraße 1.

Also castle Greyeregg belonged to the Hohenberg familie.

Children of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie.

Emperor Franz Joseph gave this castle along with Jagdschloss radmer and jagdschloss Kammerhof to the children of is nephew after the assasination of their parents in Sarajevo.

This castle is located at the Geyereggstraße 25 in Eisenerz.

The Erzberg mine

The Erzberg in Eisenerz is the largest iron ore reserve in Austria.

You can do tours in a big Hauly to explore the mine.

It is very interesting because of its large history.

This is the adress for this adventure: Erzberg 1, 8790 Eisenerz.

On their website you can place a reservation for your visit.

Unfortunatly the mine also has a dark history during WW2.

In 1938 the mine became part of the "Hermann Göring werke" 

Eisenerz became a subcamp of concentrationcamp Mauthausen for slave labors, which have been put to work in the mine.

Today you can still see foundations of the subcamp.

They had 469 prisoners working there and 12 persons died here. Until the germans closed this site in march 1945 and the prisoners were deported to subcam Peggau where 15 prisoners unable to march to bruck an den mür got killed. The others marched to bruck an den mür only to be deported to Mauthausen camp.

But today you can get on abenteuer erzberg and experience its large history.

But also motor cross races are helt here nowadays.

there is also a mineral museum in one of the oldest buildings in the city of Eisenerz, build in the 15th century.

It is located on the Vordenbergstrasse 1 in Eisenerz.


Leopoldsteiner lake

Just like the Grüner see, this lake has an emerald colour because of the same reason. the melted snow and the rich mineral rocks on the bottom of the lake.

This lake has a legend:

The people near the lake have a legend that a merman was caught in the lake. To buy his freedom he showed his captors the iron deposits at Erzberg. Then he disappeared into the Wassermannsloch.

Source: wikipedia

On this lake you can rent a boat and it also had a gasthof.

The adress is: 8790 Eisenerz Seestrasse 13

At this lake on Seestrasse 10 is this castle Leopoldstein.

This castle goes back to 1434.

In 1870 this castle became possession of the princly Liechtenstein family.

In 1880 it became possession of Arnulf, prince of Bavaria.

He was son of princeregent Leopold of Bavaria and his wife Archduchess Auguste Ferdinande of Austria-Tuscany.

He was the brother of prince Leopold of Bavaria, who married Archduchess Gisela of Austria, daughter of Sisi and Franz Joseph.

Probably the castle was a wedding gift of the Liechtenstein family since Arnulf married princess Therese Liechtenstein(1850-1938), the daughter of prince Alois II Liechtenstein.

Prince Arnolf made it his sommer residence and rebuild it with a Bavarian style.

In 1935 the castle became again in the possession of the Liechtenstein family.

During the second world war it has been part of the "hermann göring werke" probably for housing officers.

Today it is propperty of the province Styria

In this beautiful area between Tragöss and Eisenerz there may be more fun places to visit, routes to walk and museums to enjoy.

If you know any, you can always leave a comment below!

When visiting this area I wish you much fun and enjoy the lovely surroundings!

I know I did😉


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