Kapuzinergruft - Imperial crypt

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The capuchin crypt is situated on the neuermarkt and Tegetthoffstrasse 2, not far from the Hofburg.

It is the imperial crypt where members of the habsburg family found their final resting place since 1618.

The burial chambers are beneath the capuchin church.

145 bodies, urns with hearts and cremated remains of habsburg members are in the crypt.

12 of them are emperors and 22 empresses or queens who rest in peace here.

The crypt has 11 chambers.

- Founders Vault
- Children's Columbarium
- Leopold Vault
- Charles Vault
- Maria Theresa Vault
- Franz Vault
- Ferdinand Vault
- New Vault
- Franz Joseph Vault
- Crypt Chapel
- Tuscan Vault

Resting here are emperors, empresses, archdukes and archduchesses from the habsburg family.

For example the empresses Anna(who founded the imperial crypt), Maria-Theresia, Karoline Auguste, Elisabeth Christine, Maria Anna, Elisabeth (Sisi) and the last empress of Austria, Zita.

Some of the emperors are: Mathias, Franz stephan, Ferdinand I, Franz II, Leopold I, Maximilian of Mexico and Franz Joseph

Archdukes Franz-Karl and Archduchess Sophie, parents of Maximilian of Mexico and Franz joseph, are resting here.

Also for the children of the imperial families were burried here.

Like Maria-Theresia's children who died before her.

The children of Franz Joseph and Sisi, Crownprince Rudolf and Sophie Frederike.

And also the daughter of Archduke Albrecht, Archduchess Mathilde, who died tragically by hiding her cigarette behind her dress which then catched fire.

But also others that are not part of the Habsburg family are laid to rest here like the gouverness of Maria Theresia, countess Karoline von Fuchs-Mollard.

And also there used to rest a Napoleon here, Napoleon II, better known as Franz Jozef Karl duke of Reichstadt.

He was the son of emperor Napoleon Bonapart and Empress Marie Louise (she was an Austrian archduchess before marrying Napoleon I)

In 1940 Adolf Hitler commissioned the duke of Reichstadt to be transferred from the imperial crypt to Paris, qhere he rests besides his father Napoleon I.

His heart, kept in a urn, is still in vienna at the heart crypt in rhe Augustiner church.

There was a huge and impressive funeral ceremony everytime a habsburg is laid to rest here.

But not unlike everybody thinks, the door ceremony is only a tradition since crownprince rudolphs death and has been ever since.

The last habsburgs were the son of empress Zita and emperor Karl, the crownprince Otto and his wife Regina that were laid to rest in the imperial crypt in 2011.

it was like the monarchy was alive with the funeral of archduke Otto because of this old imperial ceremony.

Above the entrance ritual of archduke Otto, the last habsburg who is laid to rest here in 2011

Below is the ritual for crownprince Rudolf from the movie the crownprince(2006)

Funeral of emperor Franz-Joseph.

Especially in the summer the crypt is worth a visit.

You can escape the hot Vienna sun.

It gives an eerie feeling but it is such an impressive place.

The opening hours are daily from 10:00 till 18:00.

And dont forget your Vienna City Card which gives you 20% discount on the entrance price.

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